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SMARTLY is the most advanced service platform for operating and managing connected things available today. We SMARTLY enable you to become a true IoT service provider by allowing you to focus solely on your services.

We SMARTLY take care of the rest.

Our Services

Certification Services

Our certification process helps ecosystem partners ensure the optimal radio capacity of their devices and therefore guide the customers in regards to the coverage that can be expected for the devices. Only certified devices can claim to be SMARTLY ready.

Training & Consulting

We provide basic training for installation, repair, maintenance and configuration of our base stations and devices. Our Training Centre is in Korea and we provide the training for local context in local language and we're available throughout the year.

Connectivity Testing

Our Connectivity Testing Platform allows connection testing to each and every module manufactured to provide device manufacturers complete confidence for connectivity with our network.

Customer Service

We provide Customer Service Centre operations catering for the following general customer services: General Information, Directory Service, Simple Technical Service and Voice of Customer

Integrated Services Platform

Our Integrated Services Platform (ISP) provides standardized services across all vertical solution providers for inventory management, maintenance, deployment and analytics and insight