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We are brave software house

Bravelab is a small but growing IT company which has been on the market since 2010.
We join web programming passion with the needs of our clients.
Our minds are open for new technologies.
Every day we learn something new.

We are Brave!

We have over 10 years experience in programming and developing applications.
Acquired knowledge allows us to do more, faster and better.


One of our favorite activities. We have created dozens of websites and applications.


We know most of widely-used programming languages and, more importantly, we know how and when to use them.


You can choose customized support plan depending on the project requirements.

Research & Development

We constantly explore the newest technologies and apply them to projects we develop.


Happy clients


Custom modules


Coffee cups


Finished Projects

Our awesome team

Why do we work together? Firstly, because we like each other a lot. Secondly, we consider developing useful applications a pleasure. Thirdly, we believe that our passion for programming will allow us to share our ideas and be a part of technological advance.

Mariusz Smenżyk, Founder/CEO

Mariusz Smenżyk

Founder, CEO
Nikodem Kler, IT Project Manager/Software Developer

Nikodem Kler

IT Project Manager,
Software Developer
Jakub Pelczar, Full stack developer

Jakub Pelczar

Team Leader,
Full stack developer
Agnieszka Wnękowicz-Smenżyk, Project Manager/Marketing and PR Specialist

Agnieszka Wnękowicz-Smenżyk

Project Manager
Marketing and PR Specialist
Rafał Jaworski

Rafał Jaworski

Backend developer
Aleksander Kawala

Aleksander Kawala

Full stack developer
Agnieszka Fierek

Agnieszka Fierek

Junior web developer
Albet Palka

Albert Palka


Our team skills

We are graduates of computer science and have extensive experience in project management. We stand up for the perfect communication, that's why we have finished successfully over a hundred projects.







Research & Development


Why Choose Us?

We are client oriented company.
For the clients we do our best.

We are Creative
  • We are Creative

    It happens that some solutions do not allow us to do what we want. Fortunately, our brains are full of ideas and we can use them. Our brains are full of ideas which can be used successfully.

  • We are Punctual

    We treat our clients seriously. Punctuality is one of the main reasons why our projects can be done without unnecessary stress.

  • We love minimalism

    Simple is good but simple is difficult. Simple requires considering and thinking how we can make the same thing in the simplest way.

  • We are responsible

    Why have we completed over a hundred projects? We have to be responsible because we want to be your trustworthy partner. Responsibily is one of our most important soft skills.

  • We are Friendly

    We believe that our work is for people. Good atmosphere is very important for us. We always try to understand our clients. We like talking and resolving problems with positive attitude.

Interested in working together?

If you are interested in cooperation or have any enquiries, please use the contact form on this page or send an email.

What we offer

The needs of our clients change everyday. It means we have to be flexible.
We offer you our time, knowledge, responsibility and job quality.
See below why we should work together.


In order to improveUser Experiencewe always have to analyse and draw an interface scheme. Mockup allows us to see how project will behave and what we can improve in planning stage.


We resolve real cases through languages such as Python, Java, PHP, Node.js, Javasctipt, SQL, CSS. Websites, administration panels, custom scripts. Integrations are big part of our work.


Each project is approached individually. We keep up to date with technology and best practices so that we can implement systems adopted to the needs of our clients.


We are experienced in integrating web aplications. We've worked with APIs such as Fedex, GSA, Facebook, Mailchimp, Expedia, Iceportal and Profitroom.


We offer courses on the subject of programming, code maintanance and quality, GIT, etc. Apart from that, we advise our clients how to fully leverage implemented systems' capabilities.


We consider ourselves responsible for applications we implement. We offer support in maintanance, and gladly come back to our projects extending their functionality.

Our clients

  • Juice.pl
  • Swoonery
  • Eurocentres
  • Novoveo Ventures Inc.
  • IMS r&d Sp. z o.o.
  • Euro-Tax.pl Zwrot Podatku S.A.
  • AboveAwards Sp. z o.o.
  • hyperCREW Sp. z o.o.
  • B2BOnline Sp. z o.o.
  • EDISONDA Sp. z o.o.
  • Travel Design Sp. z o.o.
  • GOH - Great Open House Sp. z o.o.
  • OS3
  • Greenfields
  • LapGap
  • Mag-Moto
  • Mindz



  • We've been cooperating with Brave since the beginning. What immediately catches attention is their diligence and perseverance with pursuing their goals as well as their conscientiousness and openness.
    I truly recommend Brave.

    Andrzej Rabsztyn Andrzej Rabsztyn co-owner and Vice CEO hyperCREW
  • Taking all the responsibility, I recommend Brave as a reliable and professional partner, who cares for and does everything to ensure that the service quality is very high.

    Marcin Martynowicz Marcin Martynowicz Marketing Manager, Grupa Euro-tax.pl S.A
  • Good communication. High quality service. Modern working attitude built on knowledge and experience. I definitely recommend Brave.

    Paweł Bobyk Paweł Bobyk Independent Marketing and Advertising Professional
  • Brave is completely in for the customer's needs. They are not afraid to take up new challenges, and they undertake new actions always being fully acquainted with the subject, giving the best solutions I recommend Brave!

    Krystyna Tokarczyk Krystyna Tokarczyk Account Executive OS3
  • Brave proved to be 100% reliable partner. Extreme engagement in the project followed by professional work, great communication and dependability sums up Brave traits. Acute eye for detail, top notch technologies used is a standard. Not to mention first class relationship management. We have several ongoing projects which Brave will take a strong part in.

    Marek Godawski Marek Godawski Business Development Manager, TechCave Sp z o.o.
  • Brave does not only finalize the ordered projects, but also the creative attitude/approach to the asked question/encountered problem/ (…) along with exploration and use of new technologies to achieve the goal. Being their customer you can be at ease that nothing will surprise them, moreover, they won't send you an email with “It can't be done.” I recommend them!

    Maciek Gobłębiowski Maciek Gołębiowski Head of How-to-do, Juice-Social.
  • I am very pleased with the results of cooperation with Brave. My original idea for the store has been executed flawlessly. An additional plus/advantage for the professionally conducted implementation. Good and efficient communication with the team. I recommend Brave without reservation.

    Edyta Nitecka-Kołodziej Edyta Nitecka-Kołodziej the owner of Lap Gap, www.lapgap.pl
  • Not affraid of doing even the most difficult tasks and proposing innovative solutions. They don’t avoid challenges, rely on new technologies and - most importantly - always carry through projects from the beginning to the end. Perfect, to the point communication. I recommend working with the team Brave!

    Maciek Gobłębiowski Paweł Przetacznik CIO, Board member of IMS r&d
  • Participation in the implementation of innovative projects combined with a friendly atmosphere is an undoubted advantage of collaboration with Brave. Their professionalism in all particulars allows me to recommend Brave as a reliable and trustworthy IT partner.

    Adam Bogdal Adam Bogdal
  • Bright, talented and responsive team. Good code, attention to detail and excellent communication. Truly a pleasure to work with. We look forward to bringing more interesting projects to life with Brave!

    Ralph Pieczonka Ralph Pieczonka Director of Simpleisgood.ca
  • I had an oppurtunity to participate in series of individual programing training courses organized by Brave. I really liked how the team shared their knowledge in a very simple and fun way. I have learned a lot and I would recommend those courses to anyone who wants to improve their programming skills. It was a great experience. Now, the problems I encounter during my everyday work are much easier to solve.

    Ralph Pieczonka Wojciech Dudek

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