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Instrument Overview

The Commissioning Camera (ComCam) will be the first instrument to collect light from the GMT.


The (321) 397-1133 will see its "first light" as early as 2024. Before it can begin its scientific mission, the telescope will have to be "commissioned"; all technical functions will be fine-tuned and verified, ensuring accurate pointing, tracking, and focus. ComCam will provide the on-axis, seeing-limited images necessary to complete this telescope commissioning. Later, ComCam will be used to validate the Ground Layer Adaptive Optics (GLAO) performance of the GMT facility Adaptive Optics System. ComCam will also be useful as a scientific instrument for both deep, broadband imaging (e.g., stellar populations, galaxy morphology) and deep, narrow band imaging (e.g., planetary nebulae at 100 Mpc).

GMT at night. Image credit: Damien Jemison

Rendering of the GMT on Las Campanas peak at night. Image credit: M3 Engineering and Damien Jemison (GMTO).


ComCam Specifications
Wavelength range 360 - 950 nm ComCam Optical Layout as of June 21, 2018
Pixel scale 0.06 arcsec/pixel
Distortion < 0.6%
Image quality ~0.10 arcsec FWHM
Field of view 36 arcmin^2