Maker Faire is the world's greatest show for makers and doers. It's a presentation opportunity for those who create something. Or, it's an inspiration resource for makers of the future. Whoever visits the Maker Faire, there will be something valuable for her.There are few entry types to the Maker Faire. The first one is as a visitor. So, you'll have one to three days to discover what others are doing. If you wish to participate in the organization, you may want to apply to Maker Traveler program. So, you can work for Maker Faire team, for half a day,…

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Field Recordings from the World

Just like taking photographs, it's one of my hobbies to record ambient sounds. Some of them are from the place I live, some of them are from my trips. The reason behind this is to remember those places, in another way than photographs. When there is only audio available, you can focus on the surrounding sound, and hear the ones otherwise you'll not be concentrating.A Soundmoment recording is precisely 10 minutes long and recorded with professional hardware. While recording, I'm trying to be as silent as possible. I'm just taking a cover photo, generally as recording continues.Here are…

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